The Dominion Of New England Essay

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Define and give the significance of the following Key Terms:
The Dominion of New England: The Dominion of New England was a coalition of New England colonies in 1686 created by King James II. It originally consisted of New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Plymouth, Massachusetts, and Connecticut and had its capital in Boston. Later, in 1688, James II added the Jerseys and New York. Individually operated state legislative branches were dissipated, and Sir Edmund Andros took over as the governor of the Dominion. However, many in Massachusetts hated the new dominion because of the seemingly unfounded choice of a leader in Andros, who limited town meetings and stifled legislative action. This was the first true unification of such a large number of colonies by the royal powers.
Glorious Revolution: The Glorious Revolution was a nonviolent revolution in 1688 wherein Mary and William of Orange overthrew Mary’s father, James II. In fear of having a Catholic rather than Anglican monarch, the English people requested for Mary’s intervention. The pair gathered a relatively small army of Dutch Protestants and moved in on England in November of 1688; however, there was no need for military action since the royal troops joined their cause, which led to James II leaving the country in favor of France. The Glorious Revolution led to the ratification of the English Bill of Rights in 1689, which established a “limited monarchy.” Also, Protestants were once again in power and enjoyed the freedom…

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