The Dome Of The Rock Essay

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Jerusalem is mainly associated with Jewish customs and being known as the birthplace of Judaism, but the city is also enriched with other religions like Christianity and Islam and influenced by the cultures of Christians and Muslims. One religious site that is entwined with all three of these religions is the Dome of the Rock located on the Temple Mount. The Dome of the Rock which was finished under Caliph ‘Abd al-Malik around 692 was not a mosque but a shrine. This structure is significant not just because of how interrelated it is with the religions of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, but it is also important in that this space is connected with other historical spaces in the city of Jerusalem. The importance of the Dome of the Rock in how it is ‘kinetic’ and ‘interrelated’ can be seen through the descriptions and details of the building, the religious traditions of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism to it, and also the interrelated relationships that the Dome of the Rock has with other spaces in the city of Jerusalem.
To begin with, the Dome of the Rock, an Islamic monument, is not strictly defined as Islamic architecture. The designs of the Dome of the Rock were influenced by “Persian, Jewish, and Christian-Byzantine elements” since they were present in Arabia prior to the appearance of Islam and were “integrated into Arab history, tradition, and culture” (Khoury 57).
Here, one sees that Islamic architecture is interrelated or influenced by other types of architecture…

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