The Dog And Sneaky Sue Essay

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Curiosity killed the cat and Sneaky Sue was due to get her just reward. Growing up in a family with seven brothers and sisters did have advantages. There was always someone to play with. Trouble usually came in twos and groundings were shared with at least one other sibling. Keeping occupied during the weekends, evening hours, or summer vacation was never an issue at their house.
Actually, they did not need much help from the outside world. They had each other, or maybe too much of one another, which may have been the reason Sue snuck into the one and only quiet space she could find to call her own, a closet. The best closet in the house was in Max and Hanna’s bedroom. It was the cleanest and had plenty of clothes neatly hanging down. A young girl could find the most amazing things in a closet.
Besides Mabel, the family dog, usually hiding between Max’s shoes, Susan was drawn to the old black sewing machine and box filled with an array of colored spools of thread. It was like looking into a candy store window. She hadn’t seen Hanna use the machine since they moved to the house on Starryton Road. Susan was captivated by the shiny mechanisms, marveling at the way the little needle moved up and down when she turned the wheel at the side of the machine. Curiosity drove her to explore the machine, but she was smart enough not to ask for help or permission because that would be the end of her perfect hiding place. She would often go to her place of solitude, thread the machine,…

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