Essay The Documentary Unnatural Causes And Its Effects On America

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The documentary Unnatural Causes portray the negative health effects that stem from location, degree of education, and income. The ability to calculate disease and mortality constructed from aspects of life unrelated to healthy behaviors prove a dismal reality. Hypothetically, if the ninety percent of America combined their money they would still be poorer compared to the top one percent of America combined their money. The extreme gap has a direct link to cause sickness and excess death, when more people die than expected, frequently due to heart disease, obesity, and other diseases with roots in health inequality. Healthy lifestyle and genes should be the predictors of a disease free, well life.
The availability of fresh food, clean air, neighborhood safety and access to phenomenal education should not be privileged. With America being the richest country, twenty-one percent of children should not be sleeping on the streets. It remains the publics’ responsibility to stand up and fight for the lesser voices that need aid. Every genre of people have been persecuted in the past, hence today the people must assist those who need our support. All voices can create a revolution, it could be a child whispering into their parent’s ear asking why kids don’t have homes, or the first lady advocating for physical fitness and healthy eating.
The film showcased specific social and economic conditions that lead to increased health. Seventy-one percent of affluent Americans reported…

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