Essay on The Documentary ' Love And Diane '

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The documentary, Love and Diane, offered an intimate and in-depth look at the struggles that a family can face in providing effective structure and defined roles that enable success within the family context. In the film, Diane, a recovering crack addict, struggles to correct mistakes she has made in the raising of her children, including her daughter, Love, and attempts to prevent these same mistakes from impacting her grandson, Love’s son, Donyaeh. A multitude of factors make this a difficult task to accomplish, and the film depicts the socioeconomic and cultural factors that can have a multi-generational impact on a family. The decisions that Diane makes evolve have ramifications that affect Love, and in turn, her behavior and actions as a parent to Donyaeh. The repercussions of the actions of the individuals in this singular family group are emblematic of larger trends and influences that are present throughout society, commonly referred to as the , “cycle of poverty”. At the onset, the most immediate and apparent factor is the single-parent structure. Both Diane and Love are raising children that they gave birth to out of wedlock, a trend that is much more prevalent in the African-American community, compared to other racial groups (Strong & Cohen, 2004, p. 265). Furthermore, in 85% of single-parent households, a woman is the parent, a majority of African-American households are single parent, and 37% of all single-mother households fall below the poverty line,…

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