The Documentary ' Food Matters ' Essays

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The documentary “Food Matters” examines how the food we eat can hurt us as well how beneficial they can be. The film inculcates that we should be cautious in what we eat to live better life’s. The overall theme of the film is the importance of nutrition. However, nutrition is not given any importance’s in college campus, the media, and by doctors. The documentary displays how universities excluded nutrition courses and if they do offer a nutrition courses it leans toward medicine. Similarly, the documentary points out how our society is being taught to be consumers. Likewise, the film points out the many myth that are about vitamin due to propaganda. Indeed, to live a healthier life I think the first step should be educating more students and people the truth about nutrition.
Education is a prominent asset to our society. Many say that education is the gateway to a better lifestyle. An interesting fact the film details is that many students who want to pursue in the medical field, are not offer a nutrition course and if so the course is more towards medicine. Many medical students are guided through medicine and when they graduated they have a diploma that certifies them as a doctor. The irony of this is doctors supposedly have degree which entitles them to cure people and tells their patients how to maintain a healthy life. The truth is many doctors don’t know how to or if they do, they do not believe in nutrition so they opt to medicine. Nutrition is defined as, “The…

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