The Documentary Food, Inc. Essay

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Option 1: In the documentary Food, Inc., Robert Kenner presents his thesis with many examples of what is being done to our food source and how people are being trapped by the time it takes to prepare a healthy meal and the low cost alternative of an unhealthy drive-thru meal. The United States Government has taken control of our food source and allowed it to be genetically modified; the food has had harmful effects on our bodies, but it has become time and cost prohibitive to eat healthier alternatives. Mr. Kenner does an excellent job showing proof of the laws that have protected the food industry from public knowledge of their practices in the unhealthy ways that it is producing our food. Laws have been passed to prevent proper labeling so that consumers are left not knowing what they are actually eating or how unhealthy it might be. Some of the strengths of this documentary were the images of the cattle and poultry that have been genetically grown at a rate that makes them unnaturally large for their age. One item in particular is my mental image of a chicken that was grown so fast that its legs had not developed and the legs actually broke from the weight of its body. The film also had some weakness in that it was not able to film the most critical aspects because the farm owners would lose everything if they were found to be sharing the secrets kept by the industry. Farmers are afraid to talk for fear of being put out of business or shut down by the government. The…

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