The Doctrines Of Unique Worth Of Human Beings Essay

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The doctrines of unique worth of human beings are based on biblical scriptures and revelations. The assertions are similar to Laudato Si’s divine mind. According to Laudato Si Si’s, human beings were created in the image of God. He created man and woman in his image. The concept became the Christological basis of human dignity placing them above the other creations. Laudato Si further states that human beings are the core of God’s nature and they have a major responsibility for taking care of the other creations. Also, Laudato Si emphasizes on the relationship that exists between man and God, man and his neighbors, and the man with nature.
Also, man transcends nature because he was created by God himself and he never came from biological and physical evolution. Laudato Si rejects this biological and physical view of how human beings came into existence. He emphasizes that human beings were a creation of God and not through an evolutionary process. In (Ps 33:5) says that, through Gods word of mouth, the heavens came into being. The formation of the heavens and earth only means, they entered into existence through Gods decision and not from chance or chaos. The creation process was a choice made by God. All the creations in this universe were in the order of God. Therefore, human beings are at the core of God’s nature and they are unique in their way which never be explained through scientifically evolution assumptions.
According to Laudato Si, the creation process is…

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