The Doctrine Of The Trinity Essay example

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The Doctrine of the Trinity The doctrine of the Trinity is crucial to properly understand the meaning of God. It is foundational to the Christian faith. The teaching that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, three distinct divine persons, are one God; is said to be the doctrine of the Trinity. The doctrine was developed to help understand the transcendence of God; that God is beyond the grasp of human’s incomprehensibility. In addition the doctrine of the Trinity was developed because no one truly knew God or his teachings other than what had been said in the scriptures. It has been developed in tradition through and ongoing discussion of God; such as who he is and the story of himself through Jesus. Throughout the development of the doctrine, was the development of the two most important creeds; the Apostle’s Creed ad the Nicene-Constantinople Creed. The creed of the Council of Nicaea is an important part in the development of the doctrine. It was created to disprove Arius, who was teaching that God was unique or the only one. Arius taught that Jesus could not be anything close to the state of God; saying that he was that of a demigod or a creature. The Council of Nicaea then brought in the term of homoousios, which meant that Jesus was fully divine, or “true God from true God.” This creed was then completed at the Council of Constantinople; where the divinity of the Spirit was said to be true. This whole process was the last big part in the development of the doctrine of…

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