The Doctrine Of The Atonement Essay

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First the images do not describe a theory of the atonement or the plan of salvation that explain what God must do and what must happen to Jesus if God wants to save the world. They used these images not to explain what God must do in order to save us, but to interpret what God actually did do. He suffers as the representative of sinful people so that they may be reconciled with God. One way to get at the meaning of the doctrine of the atonement in biblical religion is to contrast it with what atonement, or reconciliation, meant in other ancient religions and still means in some modern versions of them. This is called satisfaction theory of the atonement. Rom. 3:25 says that Jesus blood is a sacrifice of atonement earlier translations say propitiation or expiation but even there it is explicitly said that God put forward Jesus. The doctrine of the atonement should awaken in us first not terror of God 's wrath but joyful thanksgiving for God 's love. God cares for us too much to dismiss our sin and guilt with a flippant it does not matter. Because God wants to stand with us in the loneliness and alienation, we bring on ourselves when we separate ourselves from God and other people. Nor is it like that of a parent who does not care enough about a child to become angry when the act up God can be angry with us because God loves us.
First, we will look at the New Testament stories of the resurrection and ascension of Jesus. It was not Jesus ethical teaching and example or his…

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