The Doctrine Of Religion And Ethics Essay

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God is known to many as all knowing and the judge of right and wrong. There are many discussions on whether or not God is the judge of that or he is just following what is moral, just like the rest of us. In this essay, I will discuss some of the arguments that follow religion and ethics by looking at different theses and viewpoints and decide who’s I agree with more. There are many views on the relationship of religion and ethics. The first view on religion and ethics is the Divine Command Theory. This theory states that God is the commander of all ethical principles and without God there would be no morality. Carl F. H. Henry states, “…The good is what the Creator-Lord does and commands. He is the creator of the moral law, and defines its very nature” (Pojman, pg.189). This thesis goes on to say that moral rightness means that it is willed by God and moral wrongness means being against the will of God. I don’t generally agree with this thesis because I believe that if God did not exist people would still know what is right and wrong. This is where we run into some problems with the Divine Command Theory. The first problem is that if God is the decider of right and wrong, we must do what God believes is good. Well, what if he all of a sudden decides that murdering the innocent is good. This of course goes against moral ethics, but according to the Divine Command Theory, if God says it’s good then it must be good. Pojman brings up that there are many people in the insane…

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