The Doctrine Of God 's Love Essay examples

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Among topics within the realm of the doctrine of God, God’s love holds significance for the believer and non-believer alike. At the heart of the debate is the immutability of God; which is the view that God is neither unchanged, no able to change regarding his characteristics and his nature. Kevin Vanhoozer relates the classical view of the immutability of God to his perfect, unchangeable characteristics. When referencing Augustine and St Thomas Aquinas, Vanhoozer states the doctrine of divine immutability is, “God’s being and God’s will are unconditional. God cannot change, for he is perfect.” Similarly, the doctrine of divine sovereignty as, “God’s will is the final explanation for everything happening.” The common understanding is that classical theology holds to the belief in the immutability of God. Conversely, the contemporary view is less likely of complete subscription to the immutability of God. An example of such is Open theology, which suggest God can be changed under certain conditions and He does not have complete knowledge of future events. The immutability of God is very significant when dealing with the Love of God because it establishes the foundation, on which the Christian faith stands. Such foundation of God’s love is found throughout Scripture, coming to head in 1 John 4:8 and 16 which states, “God is love.” Such assertion is supported by the person and the works of Christ. Geoffrey Grogan states, “The close link between light and love is also seen in…

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