The Doctrine Of Evil And The Role God Essay

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The majority of people experience numerous events that change the course of their life. Saint Augustine, a prominent figure in the Catholic Church, experienced this event when he converted to Christianity. The process of converting, however, was a long, confusing process. A philosophical man, Augustine made sure to think hard about something before committing to it; as a result, he had a plethora of religious questions, with the majority revolving around God. Several of these questions pertain to evil and the role God has with it. One of the many questions Augustine raised is ‘what is evil’? Committing an act of evil is doing something malicious; the act is done with the intent to cause harm. However, there is a problem with this definition due to the fact that the perpetrator themselves may view the act as good; therefore it is not evil in their eyes. Consequentially, one may say that an act of evil is simply an immoral act. The basis of society’s morals stems from religious texts, namely the Bible; thenceforth, society’s morals come from God himself. Therefore, since an act of evil constitutes immorality, one may say that something that is evil possesses an absence of God. This observation leads to an interesting question – If God is incorruptible, as stated in the Bible, then why and how did evil get created? Since God is perfect, he could not have created evil. Rather, the origins of evil date back to Adam and Eve. Satan, a fallen angel, managed to tempt…

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