The Doctrine Of Atonement And Atonement Essay

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The Doctrine of Atonement is perhaps one of the most fundamental beliefs of Christianity. There are many conflicting and similar views held by great theological thinkers of the atonement. In this paper we will discuss the views held by Wesleyan-Armenian’s, Calvinists, and several liberal on the doctrine of atonement. There are many complex ideas and doctrines that also tie into the doctrine of atonement that also need to be explained in depth such as the wrath of God, forgiveness of sins, and the universality of God’s offer of forgiveness. “The doctrine of atonement is thus the centre and heart of divine truth. Unsoundness here will be fatal to the character of all that we hold for truth, and in exact proportion to the measure of its soundness.”

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines atonement as the reconciliation of God and humankind through the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ on the Cross. Another way to break down the word is at-one-ment or at one with God. However there is much more involved in the doctrine of atonement that needs to be looked at in depth which a single sentence definition cannot capture. The atonement can be seen as a common theme running through the Old Testament and the on into the New Testament. In the Old Testament the atonement was first picture by the various animal blood sacrifices offered by the patriarchs with Abel offering the first acceptable animal sacrifice up until the time of Abraham offering an ram as sacrifice instead of his…

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