Essay about The Doctor And Doctor 's Wife

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In “The Doctor and the Doctor’s Wife,” Nick was reading with his back against a tree, a feminine act in the eyes of his father, Nick Adams Sr., when Adams found him. Upon his arrival Hemmingway wrote, “‘Your mother wants you to come down and see her,” the doctor said’ (27). Hemmingway proceeded to illustrated the following scene: “’I want to go with you,” Nick said. His father looked down at him’ (27). At the beginning of the encounter, Hemingway refers to Nick’s father as the doctor. This is significant because Adams was upset with Nick for reading a book. When Nick tells his dad that he wants to go hunting with his father, then Nick Adams Sr.’s title changes from “the Doctor” to “his (Nick’s) father”. This is ultimately important in the big scheme of the story because it helps show that Nick temporarily relinquishes his love for reading in order to gain his father’s approval. He reads his book while his father is not present, in order to defy the gender stereotype that men should not read. From Nick’s perspective, reading is a hobby and a part of him. Traits and hobbies should not be limited to the gender or appearance of an individual. On the contrary, it is important to Nick Adams Sr. to have a son who cares about having a life style surrounded with masculine characteristics. To comment further, when Nick’s father “looked down at him”, this showed that Nick Adams Sr. had authority. When one individual looks down upon another, this depicts that one views his or herself as…

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