The Docker Chapter Summary

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This book explores the details of the Docker in detail. After reading it, you will become an expert in using it. It begins by defining what it is, when it was developed, its origin and what it used for. You will also know the environments in which to run the Docker. The book then guides on how to install the Docker on Mac OS X. Most people think that this is impossible since the Docker was made native for Linux OS. The book will also guide you on how to install and run the Docker on Windows OS. Most of the Docker commands used in these operating systems have been explored. You will know how to start, stop and upgrade the Docker in various operating systems. Docker images and containers have also been discussed in detail. You will know what …show more content…
You must also of some of the definitions about the same. For instance, most people think that the Docker is a Virtual Machine (VM). However, this is not the case. We can say that the Docker is a lightweight kind of a Virtual Machine. It provides features and functionalities which are closely related to the ones provided by a virtual machine. Most people think it is impossible for the Docker to be run on other operating systems other than Linux OS. It is true that the Docker can be run on all the distributions of the Linux OS. However, with the current technology, system administrators and developers can now run the Docker on other operating systems such as the Windows and the Mac OS X. This shows how the software has become flexible to the users. Most people think that developing Docker images is a difficult task. This is also not the case. This book has explored all of these. Once you read it, just apply what you understand and you will get a …show more content…
1. Begin by downloading the “Boot2Docker Installer” software. It is available online for a free download. The download process can take just a minute, but this will depend on the strength of your internet.
2. Once the package has been downloaded, open it. Do this from the browser which you used to download it or just navigate to the directory in which it was saved and then double click on the package.
3. After opening the package, a wizard for installation of the Boot2Docker on Mac OS X will be displayed. This is shown below: 4. Click on the button written “Continue” so that you can proceed with the installation process. You will notice some warnings from the system about installation of this software. Just ignore these and proceed with the installation. Any default settings about the installer should be accepted.
5. If prompted to provide the password for your computer, just do so. You might also be asked to provide the username for your system. After providing these, just press the button written “Install Software” and the installation process will continue. This is shown

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