The Divorce Rate Of Divorce Essay

820 Words Dec 7th, 2015 4 Pages
As the years go on divorce rates get higher, approximately 50% of all relationships in the United States ends in divorce. When thinking of relationships now versus relationships back in the day what automatically comes to mind is a decline in romance and a rise in relationship issues. Gradually laws have been passed, resulting in divorces being easier and faster to obtain than ever before. While laws are extremely influential in high rates of divorce, other factors include cohabitation, premarital pregnancies, lack of love in a relationship, infidelity, getting married at a young age, less education and low income. “The high divorce rates of the 1970s and 1980s have resulted in many young people being phobic about marriage. Having lived through the confusion, pain, and instability of their parents’ breakup, they never want to go through anything similar again.” Marriage is not as much of a priority anymore seeing as how more teenagers and adults are cohabiting and having children with each other without being married, they see it at first as a way of “test driving” the relationship because you would not want to marry a person only to realize that being with them is not what you truly want. In certain cases it is believed that love can conquer all, romantic relationships cannot seem to last because people have put their love for each other aside. Relationships drift apart once love is no longer involved, people do things that they may eventually regret and the “sparks”…

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