The Divorce Rate Among Midlife Couples Essay

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Divorce is one of the most common events found in modern North American life, almost as much as marriage itself. The projected divorce rate among midlife couples is rising and has been growing since the 1970’s when Reagan signed no-fault divorce into law CITED. At least one in eight women who has only been married once will get divorced after the age of 40. The more failed marriages a person has been through, the more likely their future marriages will fail. With the divorce rate being so high, there is almost no one who can claim to have a friend or family member who isn’t or hasn’t been divorced. With nearly half of modern marriages ending in divorce, children are often severely affected by the aftermath. With a tumultuous family environment and their own stress exacerbated by the parent’s lack of understanding, children’s physical and cognitive development can often be negatively hampered by the family’s resulting emotional mayhem.
For this assignment, I decided to use my mother as the focus for this interview, as she has two children from two separate fathers. After a period of time spent in cohabitation with my father in Montreal, Canada, my mother moved to the United States because she was in love with my step father. and was obligated to get married in order for here to obtain her papers. My mother married my younger sister’s father, in 2000, and ended up later divorcing him in 2008. She was just 34 years old at the time. When asking my mother what caused her…

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