The Divine Command Theory Of God Essay

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The Divine Command Theory explains that actions are good if and only if God commands them, and actions are bad if and only if God forbids them. This makes the Divine Command Theory independent of human thought and feeling, it is God who determines what actions are moral. If we were to disobey God that would be an immoral thing to do and thus, we would be punished.
We are motivated to follow this theory because it is the only reason why we still follow moral laws. If we were to believe that God did not exist, then there would be no reason for people to do the right thing. “Without the belief in God, people are more likely to stray from the path of virtue. It will be harder for them to sacrifice self-interest when duty calls” (Shafer-Landau 64). If I believed that due to my past and present actions I will spend the rest of eternity burning in Hell, this would be a strong motivation for me to start changing my life around. People think that the Divine Command Theory is the correct normative ethical theory because they believe that God created it. It is safe to assume that God is the author and creator of morality because morality is a set of norms that were created by someone of high authority. “Without God, there is no one but we human beings to make up the moral law. And we lack the needed the authority to do the work” (Shafer-Landau 66). It would be impossible for us to decide what is right or wrong, when we are capable of making mistakes. Someone who created morality and…

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