Social Constructs Research Paper

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Eating today should focus on 60% on personal health and 40% on social constructs of food. Focusing on personal health is important for people to enhance their mindset and not have the anxiety of fitting into the small box that social constructs have created. Social constructs make it difficult to stick to eat healthy foods when social constructs encourage short cuts, unnecessary guidelines and no scientific proof.

Cultural constructs encourage people to try or avoid foods in order to achieve a certain status. For instance, in the 1980’s there were concerns that white bread caused diseases and other aversive effects. First, in Levenststein’s “Nutritional Terrorism”, she states how vitamins had a huge craze in curing anything in the late
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Social constructs create usually unhealthy food trends. Companies have a big part to do with creating something that will sell fast and that lazy people will follow it might not end up with nutritious food sources. For example, in “Desert Dwelers”, by Nebhan, some Mexican tribes people were not willing to change their ways because they thought traditional foods were the better choice. The people who had chosen to eat their native food sources didn’t get diabetes. An example is, “Desemboque dwellers with Papago- Pima blood remained close to their traditional diet, diabetes among them was held more in check” (Nebhan, 371). These were big chain restaurants that cared about their finances more the tribes health. Some tribes in Mexico who decided not to adopt the new American foods into their diet didn’t develop diabetes. This exhibits that new social constructs are not always made for people personal health. These constructs focus on the easy road that may not be the right one for health. When social constructs presents processed foods, those foods are usually sold fast because they are the cheapest and most available. Price of foods foods can over shadow the healthier foods., there was a vitamin craze there was no scientific reason for it, yet people followed it religiously. “The government had thenceforth sided with the medical establishment as it battled to keep the public

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