Essay on The Diversity Within Harrisonburg High School

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Throughout much of the research I did regarding the diversity within Harrisonburg High School, I found that many of the numbers accurately depicted what I saw during my first Field Experience. Harrisonburg High School as well as Harrisonburg city in general, are very diverse areas and are home to a plethora of different people with various backgrounds. The graphs above are just a small portion of the great variety of people who attend Harrisonburg High School. The first graph illustrates the different ethnicity groups the students of Harrisonburg High are a part of. The data was collected by the school district and only includes six subgroups, one of which has a population of zero (Hawaiian). The majority of the students are of Hispanic background which in a way surprised me. I expected the population of whites to be the majority of the population having grown up in schools with that being the case. This goes to show that the demographics of Harrisonburg city are also changing with the increased immigration inhabitants. As the population of the city of Harrisonburg changes, so does the population of the students in the schools. Ethnicity is a large part of cultural identity and it is important as teachers to remember this and teach accordingly, making sure we hold each student’s background to equal importance. Somewhat tying into the data on ethnicity in Harrisonburg High School, you have the number of LEP (Limited English Proficient) students. To qualify to be a LEP…

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