The Diversity Of The United States Essay

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One of the greatest change in America history, is the integration of society. The United States population is more diverse than ever. In fact, the diverse population makes up half of the demographics and still going. According to the Census Bureau, “long-term shift in culture dynamics of the United States, as non-Hispanic white Americans are expected to become a minority group over the next three decades” (Kayne, 2013). With this shift comes generational realignment, high birth rate of ethnic minorities groups (Hispanics, Asian, and African Americans), and political involvement. Because of immigration, the control in which the white population held was predestine to collapse.
With so many changes in the past decades, Americans are optimistic about the strength of this country. One of the issue of today, is the election forum and the concern over immigration. The more liberal voter (young population) consider immigration as one of the country’s strengths. It has brought and will continue to bring more social changes, job opportunities, and other avenues. Whereas, the majority of older white Americans insist on interpreting it as a devastating takeover. That resulted in less jobs and low pay for those who are born American citizens. Another concern for the grays is how government funds is being wasted to accommodate the needs of this newly diverse population (the black).
It is no doubt that the government plays a large role in the gray and the black assessment of the social…

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