The Diversity Of The United States Hospital Systems Essay example

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In the United States hospital systems, there is a limit on the diversity of employment. Many employees of higher positions, such as managers and executives, are Caucasian and there are very few minorities who are in these positions. As hospitals grow and the number of patients increases, so does the diversity of the patients. Because of that, the number of minorities who serve positions in hospitals require growth. The more minorities in a location require a higher demand of minorities to be employed in healthcare facilities. It is imperative to have diversity in hospitals because patients need someone who can relate to them on a cultural and ethnic level. Also, the more minorities in position leads to diversity and change for improvement of standards based on minorities’ different views and opinions on bettering the community. The United States population is one-third minority and less than half serve positions in hospitals. Minorities are the smallest percentage of people who have health care jobs.
Many of the largest hospitals in the United States have issued managers to increase the number of minorities who work in hospitals. Also, cities and professional organizations have task forces, which are units organized to work on an issue, to work on bringing in more minorities (Moore 1997). The increase in minorities will bring variation and equal opportunities to health care facilities which will benefit employers, employees, and patients. Metropolitan Statistical Areas…

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