The Diversity Of The Pacific Northwest Essay

840 Words Nov 10th, 2015 4 Pages
The Pacific Northwest is known for its greenery and home to some spectacular guises. It is also home to my “basic” family. Growing up we had a typically modern-day American family, “yours, mine and ours”. My mother had two children in a previous marriage and my dad had three, then they had Geena and me. It never seemed weird for us, as half/step/full siblings we did not look at each other any differently. We enjoyed everything, and were always intimate. There is a certain nostalgia to be felt when thinking of what we once had, because things certainly changed. After fourteen years of marriage my parents decided to “take a break” and “work on things”. Yeah, biggest lie ever. My dad was cheating on my mom, and she made sure that Geena and I found out. We honestly had no perception of the events at the time, we were young, but now thinking about the situation it all becomes so obvious. Within a few months our parents told us that they were getting a divorce. My parents both had experienced divorce in the past, so they “knew” what would happen. It is a common things that when couples end their marriage the children go with their mother and the father gets them at least every other weekend. In the beginning that’s how it was for us. We had gone through so much in such a short amount of time that we didn’t think any differently. For about a year and a half we lived in this standard of how divorced children live. The summer before I was starting high school my dad, and his now…

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