The Diversity Of The Canadian Workforce Essay

1242 Words Nov 8th, 2016 5 Pages
There has been changing demographics from the past decade in the Canadian workforce. Organizations have been trying to hire various people from these diverse background groups from a long time but the process continues to hinder the effectiveness of meeting the organization goals. There is a diverse community so organizations should reflect this to meet needs – hiring people from different backgrounds so they could provide services/ deal with various multicultural clientele groups and increase the effectiveness of the business. How should organizations recruit from a diversified workforce that is inclusive, fair and necessary for prosperity? How should change be managed with all the resistance? What steps can organizations take to ensure or promote diversity in the workplace? Many organizations have been trying to leverage diversity but continue to face challenges. There is a model for change management that organizations could try to adopt which could be a solution called the learning-and effectiveness paradigm. Diversity may be defined as a social justice, compliance to the law, the responsibility of HR alone, or part of an organization’s strategic plan (Kretiz, 2007, p.3). Organizational culture involves bringing in people with extensive knowledge and beliefs, values from various backgrounds and being sensitive towards others. The employment equity act has been trying to achieve this. Employment equity act highlights the employment practices that represent women,…

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