The Diversity Of A Culturally Competent Schools Essay

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Throughout the centuries America has been the place where cultures merged. It is embedded in our history. People from around the world traveled in search of a better life and with them they brought their music, language, religion, art and traditions. Today, the American family is more diverse than ever. Rapid demographic changes are altering the way we shape our education. Developing culturally competent schools is a process that begins with understanding the community, its surroundings and how it affects the students. Cultural awakening leads to better communication, acceptance and assists in developing an identity. It also expands understanding of the world. It is vital to provide inclusion of multiculturalism in our schools so that students can become successful academically and in their future lives. The subject of diversity raises a lot of issues ranging from the subjects of culture, sexual orientation, religion, race, disability, and ethnicity. For an example, racism has been a subject of heated debate in national news. African Americans are losing their children to police brutality and use excessive force. Some community members disagree with this statement alleging that the cases are isolated, while others point at racial tensions and social class inequality as the source of the problem. The truth is the alarming number of incidents has increased. A study done in three of the largest cities in the United States indicates that police brutality is actually “far…

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