The Distribution of Alu Genotypes Essay

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n = 31

Total alleles = 62

2 (+ +) 4 + alleles

14 (+ -) 14 + alleles 14 – alleles

15 (- -) 30 – alleles

Frequency of + allele = Total number of + alleles

Total alleles

Frequency of + allele = 18


Frequency of + allele = 0.29

Frequency of - allele = Total number of + alleles

Total alleles

Frequency of - allele = 44


Frequency of - allele = 0.71

The Hardy Weinberg Equilibrium equation is as follows, with the fraction of + alleles denoted by p and the fraction of – alleles denoted by q.

p2 + 2pq + q2 = 1

0.292 + 2(0.29)(0.71) + 0.712 = 1

0.0841 + 0.4118 + 0.5041 = 1

Expected number of individuals with (+ +) genotype = p2N

= 0.0841 X 31

= 2.6071

Expected number of individuals with (+ -) genotype = 2pq

= 0.4118 X 31

= 12.7658

Expected number of individuals with (- -) genotype =
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