The Dispute Between Sovereignty And Global Security Essay

2315 Words Nov 10th, 2016 10 Pages
1. Introduction
A dispute between sovereignty and global security, which is based on human rights, has been more contentious to this day as the world becomes globalised, and this proposition means that global security is contradictory to sovereignty in a state system which was established from the Peace of Westphalia following the Thirty year’s War. In fact, Contemporary global security in a wide sense encompasses intricate as well as debatable issues in terms of human security resting on universal morals and ethics, and it would extort authority from a state. This phenomenon is depicted that internalised external political issues or externalised domestic problems in the globalised world (Hough 2008, p.2). In my understanding, such changed environment in global security might put forward a cogent argument that sovereignty would be an obstacle in order to attain global security and human rights because a dominance of state-centric world would be restrictive to deal with transnational security issues. Nevertheless, I would not say that humanitarian interventions based on universalism should be put ahead of the sovereignty of nations. Thereby, I will discuss why the concept of sovereignty is impossible to be coexisting with global norms regarding human security in this essay. Moreover, the issues of confrontation between sovereignty and human rights in global security in transition from the polar system to globalisation should be covered with historic precedents in order to…

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