Essay about The Disparity Between Men And Women

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Throughout history, the work men did differed greatly from the work women did. There are many factors that come into play to determine why there is such great disparity between men and women in the workplace.

Gender socialization is the process in which males/females are taught the “norms” and behaviors that are associated with their gender. This creates gender stereotypes such as how females expected to take care of the children and clean the house while men are expected to go out and work, this gives you an idea of why there is such great disparity between men and women. This explains the occupational segregation between men and women, as women are encouraged to aspire only to certain types of careers such as teachers and nurses while men are encouraged to aspire to careers such as engineers or construction. The problem with this is that, the jobs that women are encouraged to take are typically those in what is called the secondary market. The secondary market is made up of lower-paid workers in jobs that offer little security and have hazardous working conditions, while the primary market is made up of higher-paid workers in jobs that offer more secure jobs, which were usually held by men. The reason for this is that employers saw women as less qualified than men to hold such high positions, or in other words, they believed men possessed greater human capital than women. Human capital are the assets of an individual, such as knowledge or skills. Factors such as the…

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