The Disparity Between Canada And The United States Essay

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Introduction: Wealth paradox in Canada
The haves and the have not is not something new in today’s day and age, it has always been in existence, but income inequality has created a huge gap between the wealthiest population and the rest of the population, as wealth is now distributed unevenly in the Canadian population. This essay focuses on the income inequality in the Canadian society and how it affects individuals in relation to health care, education and their wellbeing. Although the United States has greater income inequality, Canada also seems to be leaning towards that side. Since Canada experienced recession in the late 1970’s to 2005, there has been an increase in the income inequality, which has affected the lives of baby boomers, and may have a greater impact on millennials. According to The Globe and Mail, (2013) “technological change, the shift of manufacturing and other low-skill jobs to the developing world, the decline of unionization” has had an impact on such economic inequality. All these factors affected the labour market, which led to a large distribution of incomes in today’s world. It is agreeable that ones socio economic status has an impact on what ones income will be, despite this fact, economic mobility is still present in today’s society but has slowed down in recent years. It is difficult for individuals and families to move forward economically because these families are usually in debt or are saving for future purposes.

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