The Disney Versions Of The Grimm Brothers Originals Essay

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Disney is recognized for their productions in children’s movies and shows. Ironically, their biggest sellers, such as, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White. Of these are “kid approachable” versions of The Grimm Brothers originals. But the movie that is completely different from its basis in that of Rapunzel, or the Disney version Tangled. The first contradiction is how exactly did Ms. Gothel obtain Rapunzel in the first place. In the Grimm version, they explain how Rapunzel was prearranged to Ms. Gothel by her father in exchange for his life, when he was caught stealing her rampions. While the Disney version says that Rapunzel was abducted by Ms. Gothel because of her enchanted hair. Also, the concept of how Rapunzel encounters her “prince charming” and their relationship is conveyed in a different way. In the Grimm Brothers story, Rapunzel is found by a prince that overhears her singing in the forests and is infatuated with her voice. He climbs the tower to find her and request she marries him, she agrees and they come up with a strategy to get her down. Upon Ms. Gothel discovering this she is infuriated, she cuts Rapunzel’s hair and deserts her in the desert. When the prince goes to see Rapunzel, he is instead greeted by Ms. Gothel who tells him that Rapunzel is dead. In his hopelessness, he jumps from the tower. Fortunately, he lands in a scrubland of thorns. The thorns then penetrate his eyes making him blind. Now with no vision the prince begins to wander the…

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