The Discussion Board Served As A Fantastic Platform For Me Essay

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The discussion board served as a fantastic platform for me to express and interact with emerging topics and core concepts throughout the unit. By regularly checking other students input, and having the ability to comment back in thread discussions broadened my insight on many levels, and allowed me to connect with students outside my immediate peers. This was particularly valuable in witnessing the alternate interpretations, ideas and as well as exploring further suggestions or relating topics to broaden my overall knowledge and understanding of the unit. It also served as a journal like place for me to gather my thoughts and ideas and compare them to my peers.

By engaging in weekly screenings my overall knowledge of film production has expanded immensely. My ability to identify techniques such as setting, mis-en-scene, sound, editing and composition, I have gained a thorough and deep understanding of the processes of media arts productions. Being a visual learner myself, these screenings were valuable to me as I was able to physically witness the techniques of production in play and critically analyse these in response. The textbook, lecture pods weekly readings also furthered my understanding of the course content as they broke down critical concepts and displayed them in an informative and understandable manner than allowed me to expand my knowledge and apply it to my weekly analysis.

Overall this course has broadened my knowledge and appreciation towards the art of…

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