The Discriminations Against Prejudice In The Civil Rights Movement

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Register to read the introduction… It was a movement pushed by Martin Luther King Jr. towards the goal of racial equality. During his time, racist remarks and acts could be seen everywhere. African Americans and White Americans had to use different water fountains. Kids went to schools that were racially segregated, even if allowed to go to the same school. On public buses, African Americans were often forced to sit at the back instead of the front which was reserved for whites. The judgment of character within the American public was mainly based upon the color of their skin, not the content of their character. As Martin Luther King Jr. said during his “I have a Dream” speech presented at the Lincoln Memorial, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character” (Brainy Quote 1). To act with prejudice, is to judge on the basis of a first impression. This impression, which can be obtained by looking at the color of their skin or the sound of their voice, is wrong because it is not a judgment of their character. To truly defeat prejudice, an effort must be put forth to learn about one another and to acknowledge their way of life as equal to all …show more content…
Since World War II, women have had a taste of the working environment and a dependency from men. It was during World War II that the men went off to war and somebody had to work in the factories, so the women went off to work. Even so, when the men came back, they took over the jobs now held by women, and the women got cheated out of their self-dependency. That thirst for self-dependency has lasted until this exact day. Every day women can be seen going out and working in careers they did not hold a century ago. It is fair to even believe that there is an American female president in the near future. Though the equality between men and women in the working field is still questionable. For example, congress is a male dominated field. While female politicians do exist, they are not as common as the male one. Representation is one issue facing women on the political scale, but they have also faced and are still facing issues in their job security. Like racism, laws exist to protect their rights as women and to forebode any man that think they can abuse them. Sexual harassment and unfair treatment are the two common issues facing the workplace, but so is the reverse of this. Women will actually be picked over a man in a field like engineering because it is a male dominated field. While the man may be more qualified for the position, he is passed over because he is a man. In

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