The Discrimination Of The Civil Rights Act Essay

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In 1964, Congress and President Johnson addressed the rampant discrimination that was occurring in the workplace against African-Americans as well as other people of color by passing the Civil Rights Act. In addition to addressing discrimination based on color, they also addressed other forms of workplace discrimination that had historically been a problem. Title VII of the act applies to employers who employee 15 or more employees and prohibits discrimination in the workplace based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. Further, Congress also enshrined a prohibition on discrimination based on an employee’s or potential employee’s association with another person that fit into any of those categories. As with anything else, Congress recognized that this type of rule cannot be absolute and as such carved out certain exceptions to Title VII which makes it permissible for an employer to discriminate based on those protected factors. One example of such an exception would be a company that manufactures men’s clothes only wanting to hire men to model those clothes for an advertising campaign. There is a direct relationship between needing to have a male model clothes that are made for males. Clearly, this is directly related to the mission of the business which is to produce male clothing and there is no real alternative that can achieve the same goal. As a result, the employer is permitted to discriminate against females when hiring the models. The sex of…

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