The Discrimination Of Human Rights In China And In Russia

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Human rights are basic rights that belong to everyone, regardless of gender, sexuality, national origin, etc. But, around the world, countries have been abusing these rights by taking them away from people. In China and in Russia, these violations take place everyday. This includes sexual orientation, gender identity, women’s rights, and freedom of assembly issues.
In China, there is a population of 1,355,692,576 based off the data count in July 2014 (China Demographics). The birth rate is around 12.7 births for every 1,000 people, and the death rate is around 7.44 for the same amount of population. The life expectancy is around 75.15 years (China Demographics). China is the third largest country in the world, being 3,705,406 square
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In China, there has been many cases of these rights being violated. Today, discrimination against the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) community has been ongoing and this discrimination is allowed considering there are no laws protecting these rights. The main issues that are faced by society everyday, make people and organizations have try to create solutions to gain their human rights that they deserve . The government have stopped some of these organizations from going on, and once the people who created these organizations sue them, the government denies their claims and tells them that they basically did nothing wrong (World Report). China is a member of the United Nations (since 1945), and with these issues the country is violating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that were created by the United Nations (Counties). This is because the country is going against some of the basic rights that were put into this declaration. For example, China is violating human rights like “everyone is entitled… charge against him,” and “men and women… at its dissolution,” (UN News …show more content…
There are issues containing the reproductive choices of the women, and there are fines placed on them to regulate the population in China. There has even been harsh treatment of the women in China, and this is evident because there has been forced abortions because of the policies put in place by the government (World Report). There is also little down containing domestic violence. When female protesters came out about their attackers. the area in which they were in did little to protect and help them. The government even placed two of the protestors in administrative detention, which is a form of punishment (World Report). Some of the actions that have been taken place in China would be the laws that China has been slowly being put in place. But the word “domestic violence” in China has such a broad meaning so there is much more to do to help these women in China (World Report). This issue is going against the declaration by the United nations because China is going against Article seven and nineteen (UN News

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