Essay on The Discrimination Of Gender Discrimination

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The discrimination of genders has been going on for years. “The practice of treating a group of people differently based upon their gender. In most cases of discrimination, it includes the presence of unfair behavior toward one gender believed to be inferior by another.” -EEOC But how is a gender going to affect the pay in which was worked for. Or even about the position an individual can get in an incorporation. As well as the responsibility an individual can have due to the gender. Stand alone discrimination creates vast amounts of discrimination across America on the following; age, disability, pay, race, gender, religion. The list goes on. But the main point of this paper is to focus on gender discrimination. Discrimination needs to be stopped at one point or another to create a discrimination free future. Starting off with the most frequent use of discrimination in America. The first form of discrimination is unequal pay. Women can work just as long as men, but still get paid less. Women working full time get seventy-eight cents of a dollar. Setting a wealth gap between women and men. Although there are some laws out there against the unequal pay like the “Equal pay act of 1963”. Making it illegal for employers to pay employees unequally. But even though there is a law on women getting payed equal to men. There are still companies out there cheating woman 's work for cash out of paychecks. Even on top of not being payed the same as men. Women also have to take into…

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