The Discrimination Of Bisexual Women Essay

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In the 1970s, Sharon Dale Stone found a community in the Lesbian Organization of Toronto. It was there that she and other lesbian women carved a safe space for themselves within the homophobic and sexist world they lived in. Bisexual women, despite experiencing the same marginalization in society as lesbians, were distrusted and rejected by the lesbian community. Stone herself thought that bisexual women were “unsavory characters who fed on lesbian energy” (9). Fast forward to the 1980s; the discrimination of bisexual women by lesbians reached its apex as the HIV/AIDS epidemic became widespread over North America. In fact, scholars noted that “tensions between lesbian and bisexual women was much more problematic than tensions between gay and bisexual men” (Udis-Kessler 46) during the epidemic. What discrimination did bisexual women receive from lesbian women, and how did that reflect in the HIV/AIDS epidemic?
This research aims to make arguments by making connections between existing literature, and focus on the tensions between North American women from the early 1980s to mid-1990s. The dynamics between lesbian and bisexual women were a complex amalgam of political issues concerning of sexual identity and feminism. The politicization of the lesbian community, the stereotyping of bisexual identity, and the lack of bisexual support communities made it easy to target bisexual women during the turmoil of the epidemic. Bisexual women were made the scapegoats in transmitting…

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