Essay about The Discovery Of The Universe

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One trait that all of mankind has in common, is that every human has the desire to explore. Once humans had explored and discovered most of Earth, aside from the oceans, humans turned to the sky. Since man first gazed up at the stars humans have wondered, what all is out there? Mankind’s knowledge about the universe has immensely expanded following the early space exploration missions. The question now is, how did the universe come to be, as well as how can this information be used to enable humans to become more advanced? Every discovery man has ever made has come from within this solar system, if humans were to travel beyond this solar system the amount of discoveries made would skyrocket. Some examples of discoveries found in this solar system would be the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) that measured the background radiation from the creation of the universe. This has led to a more accurate age of the universe, along with the discovery that the universe composed of ninety-five percent dark energy and dark matter, which if stabilized dark energy could be used in propulsion systems of spacecraft allowing it to travel faster than the speed of light.
Imagine the discoveries that would be made if humans were to explore other planets, other solar systems. As stated earlier all the discoveries were made within this solar system, the discoveries that could be made by traveling outside of this solar system are incomprehensible. Utilizing research discussing…

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