The Discovery Of The Terracotta Army Near Xi Essay

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Terracotta Warriors With the discovery of the terracotta army near Xi’an in China, we can learn many things pertaining to the culture of Ancient China and the Qin Dynasty. What we can achieve to learn is how the soldiers and weapons were crafted and the types of weaponry used. The technology used to create them was the best of it’s time, and shows the technological prowess of the Qin Dynasty. The level of organization is also extremely high, considering the process of making and relocating the soldiers to the site. Research has been done on the soldiers to find out more about the culture through observations on the physical features of the weapons, pollen samples from the clay, and chemical data. The values and efforts of the emperor who commissioned the whole project are also important. The amount of work put into the makings of these clay soldiers is limitless. The terracotta soldiers and horses were found by farmers who were digging a well in 1974, and the purpose of them was to protect the tomb of the first emperor Ying Zheng, and his tomb is nearby the pit of warriors. The soldiers themselves seemed unique when compared to one another, differing in facial expressions, weapons, hairstyle, armor, and the posture they were in (Lubow). Although some might say that each soldier represented a real man during the time, there is no evidence to prove so (Technology reveals). When further looking into body structures, researchers have found that in a sample of 30 soldiers, no…

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