Essay about The Discovery Of The Sun

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Located 92.96 million miles away lives one star that is the reason for human existence. The Sun is the most important energy source in our solar system. It accounts for so many things such as photosynthesis. The magnetic field is our source of protection. The Sun is the creator of many optical effects such as the auroras. Our planet earth is heated by one huge ball of gas, its formation is a mystery and the impact it has on planet earth is drastic.
The Sun is in the center of our Solar System and is the most important source of energy. The formation of the sun is no mystery to modern day scientists. Space is filled with gas and dust and there is a presence of hydrogen and helium. The sun was created from the remnants of a dead star. Waves of energy were able to push clouds of particles together in order to start the process. Gravity caused the particles to spin and as a result the clouds of particles flattened. Over fifty million years of pressure and temperate the fusion of the hydrogen atom is able to jumpstart. In the center of all this madness the materials were able to form a protostar. A protostar is a very young star that is still gathering mass from its parent molecular cloud (Redd,2013).
The Sun is a fascinating star that allows us to learn a lot about space. The Sun has its own atmosphere that made up of three distinct layers (photosphere, chromosphere and corona). The innermost layer of the Sun’s atmosphere is the photosphere. The photosphere is the coolest of…

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