The Discovery Of The Recombinant Dna Essay

2013 Words Sep 7th, 2016 9 Pages
What comes to mind when someone asks “What is biology”? Do you think of tiny cells spread throughout your entire body helping you stay alive, your DNA, or maybe plants? Biology is simply the study of living organisms. We learn by studying where living organisms come, from, where it has been, who or what were its ancestors, what it has used as food and even if there are any diseases or degenerations present. Biology helps us treat diseases, create vaccines, aid in better nutrition and has even helped us find where we as humans started from. There are endless amounts of significant discoveries that were found from the study of biology and everyday Scientists are discovering even more. When it comes to the discoveries of biology what are some of the most significant discoveries that have been made in the last fifty years, and what is to come from our discoveries? Maybe a cure for arthritis or cancer. A small amount of the achievements to biology include gene therapy regarding cancer treatments, the discovery of the recombinant DNA, not to mention In-vitro fertilization and human embryonic stem cells. Without scientists constantly looking into hypotheses and finding new discoveries of health, life, nutrition and evolution, technology would not even exist. We would all have a shorter life span, and never know where we came from or where we are heading to. DNA in general has many different potentials that are ever expanding. One of the most significant discoveries made was that…

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