The Discovery Of The New World Essay examples

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The expansion to America across the Atlantic Ocean was a significant historical breakthrough at the time. Even though, half millennium before Christopher Columbus accidentally discovered America in 1492, Vikings where the first to set foot on the North American loam by their leader Leif Eriksson. The discovery of the new world was viewed by many world power country leaders as not only a financial opportunity but also control the flow of precious materials and trade goods coming out of the Western Hemisphere. Thus, Spain, France, and Britain were the primary colonizers of the new world. This colonization was a pivotal factor for America by establishing the first settlements, winning the economic and political tension against France, and gaining back the territory from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mississippi river.
In April of 1606, King James I granted a charter to the Virginia Company of London to establish a colony in America. Soon three ships set sail for the Chesapeake in late December of 1606 and arrived off the coast of Virginia in May of 1607. The settlers named the new settlement Jamestown in honor of King James. The colonist, fearful of Spanish attack, choose an easily defendable site for Jamestown near the edge of a swamp. This swamp, which was a breeding ground for mosquitoes, caused many health hazards for the colonist. Also, nearby saltwater and substandard drainage systems contaminated the colonist’s supply of fresh water. These factors unfortunately resulted…

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