Essay on The Discovery Of The New World

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There were many consequences of the discovery of the New World by Christopher Columbus both good and bad but in the end the evidence leans toward the good outweighing the bad overall in the effects that Columbus’ journey and discovery had on the world both old and new. Some of the beneficial consequences, which were mostly one sided in the direction of the Europeans, that happened because of the discovery were the “Columbian exchange” of agricultural produce and animal stocks, the massive increase in wealth in the atlantic nations such as Portugal, Spain, England, and France that were able to participate in the wealth the New World had to offer. Some of the negative consequences that happened because of the discovery include the nearly complete wiping out of the native indigenous population, disease such as syphilis that was brought back to Europe and wreaked havoc on the unprepared European populations killing millions, and also the eventual introduction of slavery to the New World as the labor intensive crops were unable to be produced with the greatly diminished native population. While the negative consequences seem to outnumber the positive effects of the discovery of the New World the case in the end is still stronger on the positive side of the ledger because of the very great possibility that other non native populations would have eventually “discovered” the New World themselves such as the Arabs who were already accomplished explorers or even the Chinese or…

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