The Discovery Of The New World And South America Essay

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Similar to the explorations of the New World and South America to be conquered, space is the modern conquest where we endeavor to survey our solar system and investigate the vast universe. What first arose as an idea in the 1950s, it has continued to expand advancing the rate of technological improvement. Some would say, other than exploration what greater influence has the reconnaissance of space brought upon? Other than analyzing different spectrums of the galaxy, the conquest of space led to an exchange of ideas between different nations in efforts to improve their spaceships and space technologies. The Soviet Union was the first country to send an orbiting satellite around Earth, for this started the fundamentals of space exploration and exchange of astronomy and astrophysics between allying countries; it sparked the heated race between two superpowers in an effort to reach the moon first, leading to an exchange of ideas.
“In rapid sequence the nose-cone separated from the rocket, thus releasing the 184-pound satellite to go hurtling around the earth at five miles per second; the swiveled antennas, freed by the jettisoned nose section, snapped back into position; the first space radio communication station was ready for operation-and began transmitting the now highly publicized beep-beep of Sputnik I.” The launch of Sputnik proved that Soviet Union had the capacity to send intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) anywhere they desired in the world by following Earth’s…

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