The Discovery Of The Easter Island Essay

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Easter Island is said to have formed from three converging volcanos about 7500 years ago. It is also believed to be the most remote spot on Earth making it an amazing thing that people happened upon it and made it their home. These people lived on a thriving island for hundreds of years before the downfall and ultimately their near destruction. Napa Nui are the people who occupied Easter Island and are said to have been religious and superstitious, giving the belief that the mysterious 850 or so, eighty ton statues that are scattered around the island were created to help them feel like their lives had a purpose. In fact, that purpose became an obsession with them (the families or tribes), developed a competition to determine who could make the best and biggest statue. Whichever family or tribe won would have the honors to rule the next twelve months. However, this fixation consumed them, and they began to use their resources more abundantly, as a result caused dangerous levels of depletion to their resources, and what was not utilized by them was severely diminished by hurricanes and other natural disasters. Soon in a devastating state they find themselves participating in cannibalism, though some argue against this, in order to survive. It is said that the Napa Nui people became so ashamed of what they had become that they decided to destroy the figures they came to call Maoi. These great figurines were made to represent and protect them, but the Napa Nui people felt…

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