Essay on The Discovery Of The Earth

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09/07/2046 On Space
We did it! We could see our blue planet from the outside space now. The earth is …incredible…I don’t know how to praise my planet. Oh, I have mission to do…

09/08/2046 On Space
We are good now. Daniel went to check the telescopes. There are several reasons that why the astronomers and the scientist chose the far side of moon to place radio telescopes. It is predicted that on the far side of the moon, there will be extremely high concentration of helium-3 because the solar wind, the stream continuously flows come from the Sun with the speed of 400 km/s, containing lots of plasma, electrons, protons and charged particles, was stopped by the Earth’ magnetic shield [14]. Therefore, it naturally forms a perfect surrounding for the working of radio telescopes without the radio transmissions and wave impaction from satellites around Earth. The ideal location for huge radio telescopes is a crater called Daedalus which is on the middle of far side, however, as when space fight on the far side, there will be no signal from Earth, the dangerous and probability of the accident make us give up that point. We chose a location near the boundary of the far side and place a smaller radio telescopes on a naturally crater with a shape like a bowl so it could perfectly block the information and communications.
We focus on places where the solar winds are not enormous, as they have many impacts on the surrounding objects. The solar winds carry both slow moving and…

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