Essay about The Discovery Of The Earth 's Destruction

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Pro Mars Colonization The earth 's destruction is a certainty as far as the scientific theory is concerned. It states that in the next five billion years, the sun will finish its nuclear energy, increase in size and engulf the underneath planets such as earth and scorch them into oblivion. Yes, the earth is doomed, but its occupants have five billion years, minus or plus some hundred million years, to strategize their celestial escape. According to this fact, the necessity to inhabit Mars to ensure our existence is not inevitable. However, there may be real risks that result from the collisions with comets and asteroids. Nevertheless, none of them are of instant menace and do not require extraterrestrial colonization (Williams 5).
Therefore, there are various Earth-based technological approaches that we can develop in time to intercede planetary threats like gravitational tugboats which move the matter out of range. With that in mind, the discussion bellow illustrates the pros of Mars colonization and concludes with the opinion as to why Mars colonization is possible.
Mars Can Be Home for Mankind Perhaps the main reason for the colonization of Mars is that it provides an alternative strategy for human beings. As previously discussed, the Earth seems to be vulnerable to being wiped clear of most of its life in a universal disastrous event. Scientists believe that an asteroid, whose size is similar to that of the moon, Dactyl, may wipe almost all the life…

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