The Discovery Of The Americas Essay

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Who discovered the Americas? When people are asked this question they respond, “In fourteen hundred ninety two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” Is this the correct answer? Most people would say yes although, the evidence points toward the Chinese discovering the Americas. I believe that the Chinese discovered the Americas before Christopher Columbus. A hundred years before Columbus discovered the Americas, China was in their golden age of science and math. China was doing so well that they sponsored the Voyages of Zheng He. The Voyages of Zheng He were a group of Chinese ships, called junks, that traveled throughout the Indian Ocean sharing their knowledge. While sharing their knowledge, the Chinese also collected many animals and new inventions from other countries. The three main factors that affect my belief in the Chinese discovering the Americas are their physical and textual evidence and their advanced sailing technology.

The first major claim to the discovery of the Americas by the Chinese are their physical pieces evidence left behind from the 1400s. Our first piece of evidence can be found in Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona. Carved in a boulder in the forest is a picture of an elephant surrounded by Chinese writing. These carved pictures and writings are called pictograms. During the Chinese voyages, Zheng He and his fleet collected many animals from the places they traveled. If they were to make it to the Americas they would have had to go through…

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