The Discovery Of The Americas Essay

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Exploration and discovery has been a part of the human race since the beginning of time. Exploration gives a thrill and new effects on the human race. Arguably, the most famous and most important discovery was the discovery of the Americas. The discovery of the Americas changed the world and the human race forever because this was the turning point from eastern hegemony to western hegemony due to all the resources, workers, and land that Europe had acquired. Most people believe that Christopher Columbus and the Europeans discovered America but I believe that the Chinese discovered America about 70 years before Columbus. I believe that the archeologists and historians have also found a lot of evidence that infer to the Chinese discovering America like sunken junks, maps, and other products that are only indigenous to China. First of all, There has been many sources of evidence to prove that The Chinese discovered America, but one of the most interesting is the Chinese maps and structures that were made and found before Christopher Columbus was born. Famous geographer Geoff Wade says “It`s a dual-hemisphere map, a cartographic tradition exclusively European. California is represented as an island, copied straight from European maps of the 17th century”(Geoff Wade Page 2). Geoff wade was examining the map and he realized that this Chinese map was the basis to all other European world maps. It isn’t just a coincidence that the Chinese made maps that included regions similar…

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