The Discovery Of Radiation And The Start Of The World War Essay

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For centuries, countries have been going to war and developing destructive weapons under the guise of saving lives in the long run. This principle was the basis for developing destructive warfare in most wars of the past and is no exception for the modern day. With the discovery of radiation and the start of the World Wars, the Unites States developed and publicized radioactivity, not caring for the immediate consequences, only hoping to win the war, become a world power, and understand radioactivity. The discovery of radiation led to the abuse of knowledge and power and ultimately led to the deaths of millions of people and the exploitation of an incredibly powerful force through lax safety regulations in factory environments, the promotion of radioactive water, ointments and other products, and the dropping and testing of the atomic bomb, due to the United States desire to become a world power.
In the year 1896, Antoine Henri Becquerel conducted an experiment where he held a uranium crystal up to the sunlight. He placed the crystal onto a photographic plate and exposed it to the rays. Becquerel hypothesized that the sunlight absorbed by the crystal was released as x-rays and would leave and image on the plate. Having to leave the experiment for a few days, because of inclimate weather, Becquerel came back to the experiment and saw that a clear image was printed on the plate even though there was no sunlight to stimulate the crystal. He discovered that the crystal…

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